Project TRIAL.
Organised crime is a threat to European citizens, businesses and state institutions – as well as the economy as a whole. Criminals operate across borders, and consistent European-level action is the most effective way to stop them.

The Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime (ISEC) supports such activities.

TRIAL is a project, funded by the ISEC EU Programme, to point out, assess and rank potential threats to the chain of chemical production and to identify action plans to reduce risk, preventing the occurrence of critical events or at least mitigating their effects through effective management of the subsequent emergency situations.

Based on analysis, the project aims at identifying the requirements for an advanced tool for threat identification, proposing suitable methodologies, and outlining a potential conceptual design.

TRIAL will develop relevant activities, starting from the study of the available approaches and technologies to prevent threats, analysing local case studies, realising feasibility studies of new tools and giving competent authorities a new and better performing knowledge system in support to decisions.